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Midwives - Statistics

Objectively assessing patient outcomes is extremely valuable to the Seattle OB/GYN Midwives and our patients. The Seattle OB/GYN Midwives believe this level of transparency is beneficial to the families we care for and those trying to make an informed decision about a health care provider. Our statistics are remarkable due to the midwifery model of care we support and provide, the dedication from our consulting physicians, the excellent staff at Swedish Medical Center-First Hill and the women and families we care for.

Category Sea OB/GYN CNMs Nationally
Cesarean deliveries for NTSV (Nulliparous, term, singleton, vertex presentation) pregnancies 8.4% 25.9%
Total Cesarean deliveries 13.8% 31.9%
Natural/Unmedicated Childbirth 44% 40%
Epidural Rate 54% 60%
Intact Perineum 36% *
Use a Doula 35% *
Average age at delivery 32.5 29
Preterm Delivery Rate 4.7% 10%
Newborn NICU admission 6.4% 8.9%
Exclusive Breastfeeding at 48 hours 98% *
Perform delayed cord clamping 91% *

*data not available